Producers: Joned Suryatmoko & Muhammad Ba’asyin

Excecutive Producer: Lusia Neti Cahyani

Curators: Alfian Sa’at, Gunawan Maryanto, Muhammad Ba’asyin, Shinta Febriany

Technical Organizer: Komunitas Sakatoya


Joned Suryatmoko

Joned Suryatmoko is a theatre-maker/director, playwright, and researcher, based in Yogyakarta/Indonesia. He is the founder/director of the Indonesia Dramatic Reading Festival (IDRF), and mainly presents his theatre works with Gardanalla Theatre. Joned attended the Asia Playwright Meeting 2009 (Tokyo/Japan) and 2011 (Melbourne/Australia). Currently, Joned is based in New York City, USA for his Ph.D. Program, through fellowships from the Theatre and Performance Program, The Graduate Center City University of New York, and Asian Cultural Council (ACC).

Lusia Neti Cahyani

Lusia Neti Cahyani was born in Central Java. Her experience with Teater Garasi for more than 15 years has made her one of the most reliable production managers in Yogyakarta. Lusia Neti Cahyani is also one of the founders of the IDRF.

Gunawan Maryanto

Gunawan Maryanto, born in 1976 in Yogyakarta, is a director, actor and writer. He has been involved in most of the important works of Teater Garasi based in Yogyakarta. He has published many books and received a Khatulistiwa Literary Award for his poetry book, Sejumlah Perkutut Buat Bapak (Zebra Doves for Father; 2010). Since 2010, he has been running the Indonesia Dramatic Reading Festival together with Joned Suryatmoko and Lusia Neti. He appeared in the movie Istirahatlah Kata-Kata (Solo, Solitude; 2016), directed by Yosep Anggi Noen, for which he received the Best Actor Award at the Usmar Ismail Awards 2017.

Alfian Sa’at

Alfian Sa’at is the Resident Playwright of Wild Rice in Singapore. In 2001, he won the National Arts Council Young Artist Award for Literature. He has won Best Original Script at the Life! Theatre Awards forLandmarks (2005), Nadirah (2010), Kakak Kau Punya Laki (Your Sister’s Husband, 2014) and Hotel (with Marcia Vanderstraaten, 2016). His plays have been performed in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Melbourne and Berlin. Alfian is also the co-artistic director of the biennial Singapore Theatre Festival, which showcases new writing for theatre. 

Shinta Febriany

Shinta Febriany was born South Sulawesi, Indonesia. She is the Artistic Director of Kala Teater, based in Makassar, South Sulawesi. In 2007, Shinta was awarded Celebes Award from South Sulawesi Provincial Government for her dedication to theater. Shinta graduated from the Theatre and Visual Art Studies programme at the Gadjah Mada University Graduate School. As a poet, theatre director and playwright, Shinta’s works are known for challenging gender stereotypes, exploring embodiment and examining contemporary urban problems in East Indonesia. 

Muhammad Ba’asyin

Muhammad Ba’asyin (Muhammad Abe) was born in Central Java, Indonesia. He is an actor, writer, and researcher. After completing his Master’s degree in Theatre Studies from Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Muhammad had been working as translator, researcher, and facilitator for theatre, dance, and the visual arts. Muhammad Abe is one of the curators of the Asia Playwrights Meeting. 

Komunitas Saktoya

Sakatoya is an artist collective whose members are working in art management, production and theater works. Established in 2011, it was previously named GALAU Production and later in 2014 changed its name to Sakatoya. Since 2018, the theater works of Sakatoya has been focusing on ecological issues, such as Cosmicpollutant (Pesta Boneka #6, 2018), Octagon Syndrome (Hibah PKKH UGM, 2018), The Happy Family (Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta #30, 2018) and Karnaval Terakhir (The Last Carnival; 2018). In the managerial area, Sakatoya manages 2 programs, which are the Partnership Program and the In-House Program. Through those programs, Sakatoya actively engages in creative and collaborative process with other artists and groups from other art fields, both local and international. Instagram: @komunitassakatoya