Schedule & Synopsis

JULY 26 2019

1.30 – 3 pm Venue: IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium

CURATORIAL FRAMEWORK by the Curators Alfian Sa’at, Gunawan Maryanto, Shinta Febriany , Muhammad Abe

4 – 6 pm Venue: IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium

NECROTOPIA by Ridhwan Saidi

Reading of Mautopia and Discussion with the playwright

Necrotopia is a darkly comic work which depicts a totalitarian world inhabited by humans as well as giant ants in humanoid suits. The ants are the rulers of this society, and everyone is compelled to worship the Great Guru, a censorious being who manifests himself in the form of a ‘teleritual’. During the daily ‘teleritual’, a word is erased from the dictionary and collectively forgotten. A group of human students discover the nightmarish secrets behind their existence and attempt to overthrow the regime. 

7 – 9 pm Venue: IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium

GIRL X by Suguru Yamamoto

Reading of Girl X and Discussion with the Playwright

Girl X conveys the mood of an anxiety-ridden society through the members of an anonymous urban family: ‘Sister’, who lives with her rich ‘Husband’ and young daughter, her derelict ‘Younger Brother’, and ‘Man’, her former boyfriend who now wanders the streets in search of the ‘Enemy’. Reflecting the fragmentation and trauma of a post-Fukushima world, some characters are played by actors, while others are presented by projected text. 

JULY 27 2019

1 – 3 pm Venue: ISI Pascasarjana

Panel Discussion Building Platform for Asian Playwrights with Aya Ogawa, Jaa Pantachat, and Joned Suryatmoko

4-6 pm Venue: IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium

PLUNGE by Jean Tay

Reading of Plunge and Discussion with the Playwright

Set in Southeast Asia between 1997-1998, Plunge tells the story of the Asian economic crisis, which exposed the vulnerabilities of various Asian countries to a volatile global economy. The narrative is told through a news anchor in Singapore as well as young women living in Indonesia, whose fates are as intertwined as that of information and capital flows. As the stock markets plunge, the characters too find themselves in desperate situations of moral vertigo. 

7-9 pm Venue: IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium

TAXI RADIO by Nophand Boonyai

Reading of Taxi Radio and Discussion with the Playwright

Five characters are trapped in Bangkok traffic in the middle of a storm. We follow each character’s journey as time first stands still and then starts trickling into the past and future. Interspersed with their voices are voices from the radio: ghost stories, political debate, and music that stirs heartaches and longings. Taxi Radiois a wounded valentine to Bangkok, traversing through the worlds of the living as well as the dead.

JULY 28 2019

1-3 pm Venue: ISI Pascasarjana

Panel Discussion: On Translating Plays with Alfian Sa’at & Teguh Hari

4-6 pm Venue: ISI Pascasarjana Auditorium


Reading of Courageus Turtle and Discussion with the Playwright

A modern Cambodian drama set in the present. A child who is bullied in school tries to know what happened during the days Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia. However, the older generation doesn’t want to talk about the past. One day, the child accidentally finds a turtle and an old man who is a family friend from the past. This play has been performed in schools in Cambodia in the last three years to promote the processes of truth and historical reconciliation among the young. 

7-9 pm Venue: ISI Pascasarjana Auditorium


Reading of Last Requirement and Discussion with the Playwright

This short play sketches the relationship between a daughter and father in the Philippines. The daughter leaves the house to pursue a degree in the city. She becomes a student in the Mining Department, while her father leads a protest rally against mining in his region, causing unavoidable conflict between them. The play is set in a bus that the daughter takes to visit her father. Her recollections of their arguments illustrate the clash of values between two generations.

JULY 29 2019

1-3 pm venue: IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium

RED JANGER by Ibed Surgana Yuga

Reading of Red Janger and Discussion with the Playwright

Ibed Surgana Yuga, born and raised in Bali, has always challenged the “beautiful image of Bali” constructed for the tourist gaze. In Red Janger, Ibed traces the political history of the ‘Janger’ a popular folk dance often performed for tourists across Bali. In this family drama, two ghosts befriend the children of the family, hinting ominously at a past history of Bali that is hidden in a mass grave in a schoolyard. 

4-6 pm venue: IFI-LIP Yogyakarta Auditorium

Wrap up with observers

*All the play will be read in Bahasa Indonesia, there is surtitle for foreigners

**All discussion will be in English

***Schedule is subject to change